Fire Detection

STEL provides best ever fire detection and alarming system in Bangladesh. While some people may have the impression that fire alarm and detection systems often generate false alarms and are a general nuisance, they are of vital importance to safety and protection from fire. Such systems form an important part of, for example, an organisation’s wider fire plan, along with fire control planning, personnel training and communication to reduce the risk of fire to its staff and property.

Where The Idea Came From

This is an idea for quality industrial safety and security nowadays. From this need STEL always besides all top class companies to give them the best of services. We have strong hardware and software system that meets all the challenging requirements of modern time.


The term protocol refers to the way in which components of a system talk to each other. Manufacturers of equipment using closed protocols claim that all of their components work harmoniously with each other, as they are all designed and made by the same company. As a result, the owner of a fire protection system with a closed protocol is dependent on just one supplier for all spare parts, servicing, modification and upgrade of the system, since no other manufacturer’s products will be compatible. SIGNAL TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING LTD advocates the use of open protocol systems so that the owner is not tied to one particular supplier, and has the freedom to choose from the most suitable parts and suppliers.